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This light is so cool! Designed by Swedish designers, Front, the rod blows a bubble every few seconds to form a transparent shade round an LED. It lasts 50,000 hours and the lamp will blow over 3 million bubble shades! Imagine a whole ceiling filled with these lights…and bubbles! Bubbles popping everywhere! Man, I feel like a kid again. Honestly, this picture does it no justice! Check out the video!



Today’s covet are these large tilting bowls designed by Staffan Holm, a Swedish multi-faceted designer. These will be featured at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm in February.

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I love boating. Especially when you can ride in uber-style, like on this Qrooz yacht. This company, based out of Sweden (of course), offers this home or office, to buy or simply to rent. You can also work with a team and  customize your own layout for a luxurious adventure. Oh how I wish I could float away on one of these beauts right now. Enjoy!

Images via Aster Magazine

More colour for you today, brought to you by a fantastic stylist named Sara Sjögren from Sweden. Fun, bright spaces with splashes of colour throughout. Love it!

Images via Desire To Inspire

I just stumbled upon the Fantastic Frank website through Emma’s Design Blogg.  They are a new real estate company in Sweden, trying to reinvent the way to sell houses. (Oh, if you’re like me and don’t speak Swedish, make sure you use your Google Translate tool when you go to their website.)

The amazing thing about them is that, should you be trying to sell your house, they have six different packages you can choose from. These packages cover everything from the styling of your apartment, to the ads, etc. From modern decor or more creative and fun images.

They also don’t have regular pictures of homes like you see here in Toronto. They use fasion photographers! This gives a totally different look than your usual snaps. We need to come up with something like this here, stat. Simply brilliant!

Take a look below at an apartment that they’re featuring now.