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How sexy is this barware by Michael Antrobus? It’s just made out of 1 flat piece of stainless steel, and a few twists and turns later, and only 1 single weld to keep it all together…voila! Now the only question is…how easy is it, really, to uncork a bottle with this thing.

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I love this classic swivel stool made of stainless steel and with the very necessary foot rest ring. It’s perfect for any setting, contemporary, industrial, cottage, what-have-you, this sure to fit right in.

Swivel Stool, $275
Diameter: 14″ H: 20 – 27″

I love white kitchens. Mixed with Stainless steel appliances. Lovely. Add some wood or rustic elements. Stunning. Add a bright coloured KitchenAid mixer. Heaven. Here are a few pictures I’d like to take ideas from to form my own kitchen one day.

Images via Apartment Therapy, Delight by Design, Cococozy, 4,5-unknown