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I stumbled upon this restaurant via the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. I find Lolita so charming, don’t you? It is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and designed by Trije Arhitekti. The pale hues, chevron flooring, ceiling graphics and oh, just about everything are so perfect together. I hope they win!


I love this next space by Aidlin Darling Design. It’s so simple. All except for the giant undulating ceiling structure that totally makes it. A beautiful combination of zinc and oak give the space a warm hue. And it’s sort of creepy in a Donnie Darko kind of way, which makes it all the more interesting to me.

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Hello, friends! I can’t believe we’re already into “twenty-eleven”. This past holiday break really flew by! I hope you had as much fun as I did! 2010 has been a very interesting year for me to say the least. And all I have to say to 2011 is: bring it.

Over the break, I had a chance to go to this post’s restaurant, Ame, designed by Munge Leung here in Toronto. It is an amazing mix of asian meets contemporary. It’s black leather, polished concrete flooring, limestone, iron, and wood plank ceilings mixed with colourful silk kimono fabrics strewn throughout make for a visual impact almost strong enough to challenge your food experience. While the images don’t really do it justice, I thought I’d post it anyway, just so it can tickle your senses and maybe convince you to check it out, in person.

Images via Contemporist

Here is a really colourfully fun and eclectic design for a restaurant in Oslo, called BIT. The graphics on the wall are great along with British designer Tom Dixon pendants, Paul Frank fabrics for the banquette seating and will you check out those mint green spindles?! Love them.

Images via Pos1t1on

I stumbled upon this fantastic restaurant called Ella, in Sacramento, California designed by Uxus. I love this design as it brings rustic elements and elegance together beautifully. What I especially admire about the space are the 500 pairs of antique shutters that clad the walls of the main dining areas, mixed with the modern bar and lighting. And look at the fun private dining room wallpaper! Enjoy!

Images via CoolBoom