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This light is so cool! Designed by Swedish designers, Front, the rod blows a bubble every few seconds to form a transparent shade round an LED. It lasts 50,000 hours and the lamp will blow over 3 million bubble shades! Imagine a whole ceiling filled with these lights…and bubbles! Bubbles popping everywhere! Man, I feel like a kid again. Honestly, this picture does it no justice! Check out the video!



I’m obsessed with these lights. A simple rod and bulb similar to the one below goes for approx $600, which is a little extortionate if you ask me, but man…these are great!

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I never thought much of macrame until I fell upon these pictures – this knotting style has been popping up right and left. I love the headboard! It gives a sort of bohemian/vintage look that’s so sweet. The plant hangers and lighting are also lovely. Is this trending? Because I’d be ok with that!

London designer Paul Cocksedge, one of my favourite lighting designers might I add, has created this beautiful 25 meter sculpture titled “Bourrasque” in Lyon, France, for the recent Fête des Lumières.

I have always been a fan of his work, and this one is nothing short of magical. the 200 suspended sheets are set to mimic papers scatteringin a gust of wind – a beautiful bright image against a backdrop of the 17th century architecture of l’Hotel de Ville. Simply beautiful.

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Check out this cool lamp by Belgium based Stal Collectief. Its huge, adjustable and both suitable for indoor or outdoor use depending on the drum fabric, either in veneer or plexiglass. (This image shows felt). Not too sure how I feel about the exposed plywood interior, but it’s cool nonetheless.

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Bocci, is an amazing lighting company located in Vancouver, B. C. Omer Arbel has designed  a series of lighting, this one in particular called 28 Series, and I found this great little video by Gwenael Lewis over on Dezeen Screen on the making of it. Check it out, it’s beautiful.