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I found this post at The Veda House and I oh-so-wished I lived there! Elisabeth Heier‘s home might actually be one of my favourite houses yet! It’s beautiful yet simple and every object has a place. The bold hits of graphics on white walls and furniture, the concrete and the wood posts and beams are absolutley stunning. A++!


There is nothing like a perfect entrance and foyer to welcome you back home after a long days work. *Deep sigh of relief…

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John Maniscalco Architects have designed this residence in San Fransisco, California. This brand new four-storey home, I could move into instantly. It features a beautiful two-storey glass-wall entry wall, to an open living area and kitchen. Did you check out those stools? To. Die. For! Moving on…there is a sexy staircase, beautiful bedrooms, an office, and an awesome roof patio with great views. It’s clean, simple and…well…perfect.

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The first thing one notices when you walk into a house is the front foyer. It pretty much sets the tone for the your guest and what they should be expecting for the rest of the house.

Foyers all typically have the same  items: lighting, an entry table or console for your belongings, a mirror for the last-minute touch-ups before opening the door for your guests (you know, no spinach in your teeth, etc.), and some accessories, such as bowls, vases with flowers, and so on.

These next shots have everything required for a perfect front entrance. In fact, if I walked into any one of them, I probably wouldn’t ever leave the house.  

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When I saw this post over at Yazer, I thought, well I’ll be damned.

I’ve always loved concrete. There is something about it that is so sexy about it. Whenever my parents would drive by silos, I was obsessed, and I honestly would think…man, how freaking cool would it be to live in one of those! I mean, I never did quite figure out the logistics behind it all, but still. And lo and behold, I see this post on Yatzer of Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill, and think. He’s beat me to it!!

Ok, fair enough, the day that I’d have enough resources to do that too would be when probably when I’m old and grey, but still. This place is fantastic. Bofill has transformed an entire cement factory into offices, a place for his archives, a model laboratory, an exhibition space, his own apartment which include guest rooms and all surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sigh. It is so beautiful, I can’t even contain myself. And the jealous factor? I’m way above 10 out of 10.

I dabbled at the One of a Kind Show this weekend, in Toronto. Surprisingly, it was my first time ever going, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’m not going to lie, there were some pretty questionable things. But there were also a few booths that I absolutely fell in love with, that definitely made my experience worth while. Although the show is over, their products are still available online and would make for perfect Christmas presents. Here they are.

Jenna Rose.

I really liked these screen printed textiles, especially the throw pillows and the dish towels. Each design is hand drawn from daily inspiration and they translate so well into prints. Very sweet.

Ceramik B.

Absolutely lovely ceramics. Simple, organic and soft to the touch bowls, plates, cups and much more. Each object, is coloured in a perfect hue of natural beiges and greys, which I love. And, they are perfectly suitable for dishwashers and microwaves, despite their fragile demeanour.


Really cute handmade objects for your home. Everything made me smile. From the pillows, notebooks and pencil cases that look like lined paper, the alphabets printed on throw pillows and wall art, and lovely canvases with little 3D objects on them. Perfect for a children’s bedroom.

My camera decided to put up a fight towards the end of my OOAK journey, so the picture-taking had to stop. But I highly recommend you check out these next few links too!

Hugo Didier | Lovell | Porcelaine Bousquet

I’m definitely not the type of person to pick up a tabloid and read into celebrity lives, but when it comes to the interiors of their homes, I will not hold myself back.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills home was featured in Architectural Digest earlier this year. The house was built in 1970, but was overhauled  just for Aniston, and it turned into a beautiful space. It’s welcoming and modern and chic yet relaxed. Just perfect.

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