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Hilla Shamia has designed these benches and stool/tables from wood and cast aluminum. Mixing rustic and industrial. Pretty neat I’d say!



I’m loving this lounge chair and side table by Harri Koskinen for Artek. Simple and stylish!

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Ok fine, I’m finally starting to embrace this whole Fall, Thanksgiving thing. No better way than to do it with friends and family around a good ol’ harvest table.

In the learning corner: A harvest table was a table which began with the feasts Pilgrims planned for fall harvest celebrations, the root of Thanksgiving. Now, it usually means a long and narrow table, with hinged drop leaves measuring a minimum of 6 feet in length. The end.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! xo


I spotted this amazing home tour over at Two Ellie and fell in love. I find the interior bright, cozy and beautiful, three things I truly believe in when designing a space. The home belongs to Graham Yelton, photographer and branding and design artist. Enjoy!

I’m finding this coffee table so lovely! Made out of bent steel, it has a cutout throughout the centre of the table to give it a delicate and airy feel. Would work so well in all those bright white spaces I’ve been seeing lately!

Arktura (via Bobby Berk Home)

Hive Coffee Table, $1,795
Dimensions: 50″L x20″W x15″H
Available Colours: White, Blue, Grey, Orange, Red, Black

I’m loving this Pressed Chair, designed by London designer, Harry Thaler. A simple chair made from a sheet of 2.5mm aluminum. Between the sheets, he has added structural elements to give it stability in chair form. It’s super light, super strong, and super cool.  Also, the chair in its flat format makes me extremely happy. Enjoy!

Image via Dezeen

I love it when fashion designers branch out into home life. (See here recent ventures) I find you get a neat twist of standard finishes, fabrics, and furniture that it opens a whole new realm of possibilities. See here Jean-Paul Gaultier collaboration with Roch Bobois. I’m especially loving that mirrored wardrobe. So glamourous!

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