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I found this post at The Veda House and I oh-so-wished I lived there! Elisabeth Heier‘s home might actually be one of my favourite houses yet! It’s beautiful yet simple and every object has a place. The bold hits of graphics on white walls and furniture, the concrete and the wood posts and beams are absolutley stunning. A++!


I have a thing for lights, you’ll notice as you read on, on my blog. For some reason, I am absolutely drawn to these pendants designed by Italian designers Lucidi and Pevere, made of concrete.

The idea of this suspension lamp reflects minimalism perfectly. After two years of mock-ups, they finally found the right cement consistency and mould for easy multiplication. The Aplomb creates precise, direct lighting, fantastic for tables or counters, alone or in composition, and is also available in white and brown.

If you have a few minutes, I recommend you watch this video on the making of the light. It is very interesting to see how it is made and the concept behind it!

Images via Dezeen. Video via Contemporist.

I stumbled upon this really cool hut called “La Trufa”. This very cool little house, built in Spain, is made by pouring concrete over hay bales. A cow, named Paulina (I’m not lying about this bit) then eats away at the hay, leaving this structure hay-free. See the pictures below of the hut and Paulina at work, and look at the stunning bathroom! You can also watch the video of how it was made here!

Images via Inhabitat