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I found this post at The Veda House and I oh-so-wished I lived there! Elisabeth Heier‘s home might actually be one of my favourite houses yet! It’s beautiful yet simple and every object has a place. The bold hits of graphics on white walls and furniture, the concrete and the wood posts and beams are absolutley stunning. A++!


I’m surprisingly loving this graphically stunning tableware by CTRLZAK art an design studio for Italian brand Seletti. The inspiration here is the bridging of traditional chinese porcelain and European design aesthetic. Why not? It works! It’s sweet, hip, and with it.

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I have, from the get go, been a fan of clustering picture frames. So many options, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, mismatched or matched, it always makes a perfect statement, and often, an art piece of its own.

My dear friend Jacquelyn over at Lark + Linen sent me a link to this amazing carpet studio by Henzel. The more I went through their website, the more I fell in love and the more I thought, I’d be pretty nervous about walking on these. I know many carpets are considered a piece of art, but I think many of them may actually be worth hanging up on a wall.

I love these colourful and geometric tiles. They’re art in their own right. They’re so perfectly paired with simple, clean interiors to really show off they’re amazingness. That’s an actual word…right?

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…Dark Kitchen

…Moody Hallway

…Light Fixture

…Wall Treatment


…Tall Headboard

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I fell upon Pulkra, an Italian design company that does decorated resin floors, doors, furniture and even wall coverings. I was especially drawn to the floors. Each of them are custom designs and sealed with a layer of resin for a cool glossy look. I don’t know that I could personally have this in my home, unless I lived in a giant hard loft and the colours weren’t too bold, but I definitely like the idea. It’s an unusual twist and could look amazing with neutral colours on your walls and in your furniture. I’m thinking!