(Monochrome and Elements)

The Unwind. Black and Metal.

The Primping. Grey and Wood.

The Soirée. White and glass.

The rundown.

M&E exhibits the transformation from one space to another; a garage into a living room, a living room into a bedroom, and the outdoors into a dining room. Each scene features a monochrome (white, grey and black) paired with a natural element (glass, wood and metal) that illustrates how a space can work using different shades and textures.

This little idea of mine came alive when I told my best friend, Sherren Lee, filmmaker of Sunday Afternoon Productions, all about it. Soon, it became a whole production and had a fantastic team including incredible Director of Photography, Adam Q. Tupper; Jocelyn Reynolds, whose photography always makes me smile; Jane Lee, the amazing style guru; Louis Martin, chef of delicious delectables; and why-don’t-you-do-this-for-a-living video editor, Krishna Satyanarayana. M&E became a project for each of us to add to our own repertoires and I know that without help, I couldn’t have had such an amazing project on my hands.

I’d like to thank Andrew Campbell, Jack Fouracre, Pascal Lefrancois-Deignan and Pierre Marguet, for their set-up help, and Marc-David Aube-Frenette, Joe Sutherland’s and Vistek for equipment, and The Sewing Studio (Judy, mannequin bust in ‘The Primping”).